Destruction of Democracy

November 1, 2020 Truth Sleuth 1

Government by decree: Covid-19 and the Constitution – Lord Sumption

Links Resource

November 1, 2020 Truth Sleuth 0

Below are a list of useful links we have discovered over the years, which have helped us join the dots and make sense of what’s […]

‘Lockstep’, Lockdown???

October 19, 2020 Truth Sleuth 1

Sound familiar? ‘A world of top down government control and more authoritarian leadership with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback’ The Rockefeller Foundation 2010 document […]

The New Abnormal

October 18, 2020 Anonymooseink 0

And we thought plastic straws were an issue. According to the following Guardian article, there are more mask than jellyfish in our oceans.

Mask Facts

October 18, 2020 Truth Sleuth 1

We genuinely care about your health and have trawled the internet for the facts about masks that our governments aren’t telling us.